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REDD+ Initiative

Welcome to Tanzania REDD+ Initiative

This is the National REDD+ website, it was established by the National REDD+ Task Force. It is maintained to support processes of establishing and implementing REDD+ programs in Tanzania. It also transmits official documents, reports and announcements, and assists on raising awareness on REDD+ to relevant stakeholders and the public at large.

The website targets a wider audience including government officials who have policy or technical responsibilities related to REDD+ Initiatives in the country. Furthermore, members of Non-Governmental Organizations, International Organizations, Researchers, Academicians, Journalists and the public will find this website an important source of information with regard to development of REDD+ Initiative in Tanzania.

National REDD+ Strategy and Action Plan

Tanzania REDD+ Initiative is part of government’s effort to address the global changing climate through reduction of emission of GreenHouse Gases from the forestry sector. The Vice President’s Office oversees and coordinates all REDD+ related activities. The Initiative receives significant financial support from the Kingdom of Norway through a letter of intent signed in 2008. At the inception phase, a National REDD+ Framework was put in place to guide the process.

The Government considers REDD+ Initiative a viable option that can provide opportunity for the country to meet its obligations of managing her forests and woodlands on a sustainable basis and at the same time respond to poverty reduction and climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives accordingly.

  • The Strategy Development Process
  • Establishment of coordination mechanism
  • Strategic analysis and piloting
  • Consolidation phase

National REDD+ Strategy

The Government of Tanzania has endorsed the National REDD+ Strategy and its Action Plan. The Strategy and Action Plan have been produced through country-wide stakeholders’ consultation and engagement. The Strategy envisages to guide the implementation and coordination of mechanisms required for Tanzania to benefit from a post-2012 internationally approved system for forest carbon trading, based on demonstrated emission reductions from deforestation and forest degradation and other aspects of REDD+.

The goal of the Strategy is to facilitate effective and coordinated implementation of REDD+ related policies, processes and activities so as to contribute to climate change agenda and overall sustainable human development.